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El Templo del Flamenco

El Templo del Flamenco

4.5 (860 reviews)
4.5 (860 reviews)
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Calle Pernaleros Alto, 41, 18010 Granada (Granada) - Spain | View map
Mo, Tu, We, Th, Fr, Sa, Su
20:00 | 22:00
70 min
160 people
6-8 performers
6-8 performers
Venue: accessible | Bathrooms: accessible
Venue: accessible | Bathrooms: accessible

About the Show

El Templo del Flamenco is located in the Albaizin quarter of Granada. The neighborhood is a protected World Heritage site, full of winding pedestrian streets with charming houses offering wonderful views of the city center. El Templo del Flamenco opened in 2012 in what is one of the largest flamenco cave venues in all of Granada. Local legend describes the cave as a former temple, which explains the larger dimensions as well as the three main chambers forming the shape of a cross. The stage has been carefully placed so seating from each chamber has an unobstructed view of the performance. During the renovations the owners were careful to respect the historic and typical nature of the cave while including some elegant touches which are unique to these types of venues in Granada.

The flamenco shows in El Templo del Flamenco are lasting one hour and fifteen minutes with between six and eight artists. The venue offers ticket options for the show with drink or a fixed price menu which features quality, regional cuisine. There is also a full staff on hand to provide an efficient and personalized service to all those attending.

The artistic direction of the cave is under Antonio Vallejo, who also serves as the Artistic Director for the Municipal Flamenco School of Granada. Vallejo has guided many young artists to professional level and national flamenco competitions. A talented choreographer, he has taught and performed across the world, visiting more than 40 different countries. Vallejo also performs regularly at El Templo del Flamenco along with several other gifted musicians and dancers. The quality of the show reflects their involvement in the local and national flamenco scene. The flamenco is refreshingly unique to the city and includes a good mix of up and coming talent as well as experienced performers.


Their flamenco performance was fantastic. No guitar, no dancing, no singing. It wasn't worth the money paid at all. However, the concert hall is located in a place where you have to climb up on foot, and it was not easy to pass the road under construction at late hours. Above all, the viewing environment was disappointing compared to the performance. Being able to drink and eat while watching a performance is definitely fantastic. However, it was a pity that the waiters constantly moved to cover the stage during the performance, obstructing the view. And I left the front seat empty for a group audience, and I couldn't concentrate on the performance at all while they arrived late, entered, and ordered drinks. However, the performance in the cave was excellent and the musicians are appreciated.
We were disappointed with the service because our tables were pushed to the side to accommodate a rather large group of tourist kids. We couldn’t see the performance too well or enjoy our meals without having someone bump into our side tables. It was way overcrowded and felt too hot in there. The cave capacity seemed exceeded which makes me wonder if it’s a fire hazard to have so much people in there. I give 3 stars for the performers, especially the emotional flamenco dancer and for good food. It seemed unfair for us to be pushed to the side when we booked so far in advance. We may have done better with a flamenco performance in Seville.
A brilliant experience of Flamenco performed by the dancers, singer and guitarist. The air and the stage vibrated with the dynamic sounds of the Flamenco footwear, together with the graceful and elegant movements of the dancers. A performance that must be seen once in a lifetime at least.
My husband and I just enjoyed this wonderful evening. We chose the dinner option and were not disappointed with the menu. We had a full salad, meat and cheese platter and cod entrée followed by a dessert. We enjoyed 2 glasses of red wine at no extra cost. The show was pure authentic flamenco dancing, singing and great guitar playing. We really enjoyed our evening and highly recommend.
Excellent flamenco show. Highly recommend. Food was tasty although the show is so good you'll probably forget to eat.
First of all, I would like to praise the artists/performers because they were truly amazing and so passionate. However, I do not recommend this place to anyone because it is impossible to watch and enjoy the show, we were seated very far from the stage. But we had similar experience in Malaga, we could see the stage, here the floor is flat so you can only watch the head of other customers. You somehow try to stand up to see the show, but every 15 seconds, a waiter walks in front of you to serve food and drinks so you always miss something. In flamenco, feet moves are the most important things and you can not watch this because of service and seating problems. I totally respect the performers and wish them all the best but I do not recommend this place at all. Edit: Picture was added to show that back tables have no visibility to the stage.
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