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4.5 (3153 reviews)
4.5 (3153 reviews)
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Calle de Echegaray, 15, 28014 Madrid (Madrid) - Spain | View map
Mo, Tu, We, Th, Fr, Sa, Su
18:00 | 19:30 | 21:00 | 22:30
60 min
85 people
8-10 performers
8-10 performers
Venue: accessible | Bathrooms: accessible
Venue: accessible | Bathrooms: accessible

About the Show

Cardamomo has been an integral part of the Madrid flamenco scene for over 25 years, and has been recommended by the NY Times as part of their "36 Hours" city travel series. The venue is known for attracting some of the best talent in Spain and features a varying list of artists. Aside from special performances the establishment always brings in a new performer every week. The list of nationally and internationally known artists who have performed in Cardamomo over the last twenty years is certainly impressive: Joaquín Cortés, El Cigala, Enrique Morente, José El Francés, Estrella Morente, Jorge Pardo, Antonio Carmona, Ramón El Portugués, Tomatito, Raimundo Amador and many more. Aside from the guest performers, each month the venue presents a new flamenco program. There are two types of tickets for the performance: show only or a choice of several dinner menus. All tickets include a welcome drink before the show of wine or juice.

The atmosphere in the 85 seat venue is intimate, relaxed and casual. Cardamomo is known for attracting a younger crowd with string interest in the local flamenco scene. The tablao / bar is also much more than a performance space. The entire culture of flamenco is represented with plenty of special events: flamenco conferences, art exhibits, photography, benefit and tribute concerts are part of the regular rotation. This is perhaps why Cardamomo is self-proclaimed as a "cultural center for restless souls".

Cardamomo is conveniently located in the center of Madrid, near the Puerta del Sol and within the neighborhood of Las Letras, one of the most popular and lively in the capital of Spain. The location is well connected by subway, bus and commuter train.


My first flamenco show and I liked it! The only thing is that they said 90 minutes but was about 80 minutes plus a few minutes between songs. If you find a two hour option, take it. This was my seat view from the cheapest ticket seats. In my opinion was ok for the price. Two drinks included.
A wonderful display of Flamenco. We loved the intimate setting and the enthusiasm of the performers. I’d recommend getting the “A” tickets so you can sit close to the performers.
Excellent experience. The place was cozy, intimate, just lovely. Music was great, the dancers were incredible. We definitely enjoyed going here with our family. It is loud in there so not great for very young kiddos.
I've been in an authentic tablao before and this was very disappointing. It's all marketing and choreography, if you want to see authentic flamenco this is not the option. First they don't explain anything about the flamenco ,so for people that go for the first time you don't even know or learn anything about it. In the place there is microphone and speakers which don't even let you listen to the original instruments of flamenco( claps, zapateado, Cajon, etc) which in an authentic cave there is no need for all that because it's way better when its natural in a cave with the natural eco. They also don't tell any rules about clapping or pictures with flash etc , so people trying to match the claps is ridiculous. That's why they are professionals , we love it I understand but I want to hear them not you trying to match it. The waiter is always going to the chairs to serve drinks while on the show so ots not nice , it's quite distracting since they are walking in front of you. Won't be back neither recommend to anyone unless you don't mind it's not an authentic flamenco.
Great show. It was like a dream, and surreal. Nice small rooms. Glad to get front row, but would recommend getting 2nd row from front to have better view. Ticket is on a bit higher side but I've felt it's worth it.
Powerful, passion, professional!!! This is my 2nd visit to Madrid & Spain 🇪🇸 but I would say Flamenco 💃 is the one that make me feel that I am really in Spain! Must watch it closely to feel it. We are sitting in the 2nd row and we can really feel the power when the dancer 🕺🏻 stomp on the stage. Guitarist is also awesome together with live singer.
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