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Andalusian Night

Andalusian Night

4.5 (199 reviews)
4.5 (199 reviews)
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Camino del Pilar, 4, 29260 Torremolinos (Málaga) - Spain | View map
4 h 30 min
100 people
4 performers
4 performers
Venue: accessible | Bathrooms: accessible
Venue: accessible | Bathrooms: accessible

About the Show

Andalusian Night in the Club Hípico El Ranchito is a flamenco and equestrian show in Torremolinos. The activity begins with "Ritmo A Caballo", an equestrian show centered on discipline, rhythm, music and beauty. After the show guests proceed to a typical Andalusian restaurant located one kilometer away for the dinner and flamenco show.

“Ritmo a Caballo” is an authentic equestrian ballet, continuously held for over 30 years. The choreographies are mounted on reprises of Classical Dressage and Vaquera, accompanied by Spanish music and typical historic costumes from Andalusia. The performance is directed by José Carlos González Guerrero, the main rider who has received such important awards in his professional career such as Champion of Spain in 2009 and Gold Medals on several occasions in SICAB (one of the most important events in the equestrian world).

At the conclusion of the equestrian show guests proceed to the restaurant for a three-course barbeque dinner and music, with all the atmosphere of the typical Andalusian fairs. After dinner service there is a fifty-minute live flamenco show featuring four performers. Guests are also able to take photos with the performers once the show has ended.


17:45-19:30: “Ritmo a Caballo” (Rhythm on Horseback Show)
20:00: Arrival at the restaurant with a welcome glass of sangria at reception.
20:10- 21:15: Dinner enlivened by typical Andalusian music
21:15: Flamenco Show by the José Lucena Company (approximately 50 minutes)
22:15: Conclusion of the program


A huge ‘Thank You’ to everyone for a really lovely experience - beautiful horses and amazing staff that go the extra mile - went for a trek in the mountains and was the cherry on the top of my first visit to Spain!
We came here back in October 2023 - It was fantastic, I took many videos but didn't upload them as to not ruin it for everyone. A great experience.
Great experience in the Spanish countryside. Very enjoyable, guide was very friendly and helpful. Beautiful horses. We were allowed to gallop too and there were lots of great views. Can't wait to come back.
This is not the horse show venue. Maybe it used to be. Go on the road for 300m and the venue is on the left.
PLEASE NEVER GO HERE OR SUPPORT THIS BUSINESS. The stable is very poorly managed. Horses are treated horribly. Horses given to the riders are DANGEROUS, and could SERIOUSLY hurt someone. The horses have barely any turnout, which is SO cruel to animals who needs plenty of acreage to run on. The stalls are extremely small, which is unfair to the horse’s welfare, the standard stall size is 12’ x 12’ ATLEAST for the average (1200 lb) horse, AT MINIMUM. These stalls were 10’ x 11’. You should NEVER stall a horse in such small stalls, it is simply dangerous for the horse to “cast” itself (not be able to get up because it’s too close to a wall) and simply not enough room for a horse to comfortably stand. The horse’s riding in double bridles (which require a EXPERIENCED rider, who know how to use the proper aids) were given to BEGINNERS. This is not only unsafe, but extremely cruel to the horse’s mouth, as a double bridle can be very uncomfortable if not in the hands of someone who knows how to use it. Several horses were rode in HARSH bits, that are VERY uncomfortable in the horses mouth. LARGE riders being put on horses they are WAY too big for, which is harmful to the horse’s back, and could result in serious damage being done to the horse’s spine. This place is the perfect example of a “riding facility” caring more about money and tourism than the actual care and wellbeing of their horses. Do better.
A nice show, not anything amazing. Some elements felt a lattice cruel such as the instils horse being made to beg and the metal mouth pieces Bering soo far up that horses are dribbling..
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